Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Oslo and Stockholm

Last night in Oslo was great. We managed to get a random gig at an Irish bar called The Dubliner, and were glad to be in from the cold as it was FREEZING last night...memories of the sunny German countryside seemed incredibly distant! We spoke to Gemma at the bar (who was from Birmingham!) and she kindly agreed to let us play. There was a stage, but no microphones, so we just got up and played - it went very well and we had quite a laugh, me especially as Jonno wasn't drinking, so I had his share of the free drinks. As always, we mixed covers with The Foxes songs, and "Something About You" and "Trauma Town" went down especially well. Of the covers, we're enjoying doing "One After 909" - will do a video of that one day.

Huge thanks to Gemma for letting us crash at hers after the gig, and for all the wine! I've been quite delicate all day!

A big hello (are there really different sizes?!) to the guys we talked to from Leeds and Scotland who stayed for the whole set, and to Olga from Germany who came to see us play (I'll email you!).

The last thing I'll say about Oslo is that it's INCREDIBLY expensive...and that's from someone who spends much of his time in London. To put it in a global perspective, a Big Mac meal cost somewhere in the region of eight pounds.

Some of the lakes and forests we drove past were fairytale pretty, and though it was cold, the sun has been shining down upon us all day.

The drive to Stockholm took about seven and a half hours, but was worth it - this city is beautiful. You can really tell it wasn't ever bombed...there are some beautiful buildings, and the most amazing cobbled streets. Everyone seems happy here too, and there's a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the tidy little streets...it's the kind of place I'll take someone special one day.

Tomorrow, we've decided to go to Hamburg and so far we've driven over 2,500 miles...and walked something that feels like that far.

Well, we're off to play in those cobbled streets, and do a video of "Sweet Little Wonder" for obvious reasons.....


  1. Hahaha... Sweet Little Wonder :) Very nice!!

    Cobblestone streets always make me think of Simon and Garfunkel! Why is that?! Pictures please! I hope you also got some of the Forrests...?!

    xoxo-be safe!

  2. Pictures as soon as I get back! X