Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Belguim, Luxembourg,Nuremberg


Since leaving England yesterday, we've driven over 840 miles and have just got in after a night out in Nuremberg. Exhausted, but we've been having a wonderful time. Just a quick update...

Paris was amazing...far better than I'd imagined and full of beautiful people. Despite Jonno being there, it really seemed like a romantic place...something happened to me on the metro which really showed me that side of it! The Eiffel Tower really was impressive - I'm sorry there are no photos today (UPDATE - fixed!), but the wi-fi isn't working here, so I'm just on the hotel computer. I've also seen the video from yesterday isn't working - thanks YouTube, I'll see if I can fix it soon (UPDATE - fixed, see below) I did a song in Nuremberg Castle tonight (amazing acoustics), so will stick that up as soon as I can too.

We drove through Belgium, and had lunch in Luxembourg and on to Nuremberg tonight. Inside the city centre is a huge castle, and there are some beautiful buildings inside the city walls. Parked next to the Cathedral, was a red Routemaster London bus...a number 12 to Notting Hill Gate, where we DJ at Death Disco. A bit odd to see it there! The German food and beer are great, as are the costumed serving wenches.

Tomorrow, we head to Berlin...keep an eye on my text updates on

I apologise for the fact that this is such a dreadfully messy and haphazard blog entry...I've hardly slept and have just walked across the city! :-) Bed time...

Much love,


P.S. driving on the German autobahns is a LOT of fun.

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