Saturday, 26 September 2009


We had a lovely day exploring Copehagen, spoiled only to return to the car at 4pm to discover a window had been smashed, in broad daylight just outside the hostel, and my suitcase with all my clothes had been stolen, along with my rucksack and laptop. So I've lost all my photos and video of the trip, all the Foxes photos, music, personal photos - everything. This on top of waking up this morning to find that someone had accidentally smashed the screen of my phone. Copenhagen has not been good to me. For some reason, they didn't take Jonno's suitcase, so I guess that makes me more fashionable in the eyes of the thief, which is some consolation.

Initally annoyed, and a touch upset by these events, it could have all been far worse - people get killed every day by accident or design, and I have my health and a head full of memories of the trip, and it's just....STUFF, isn't it?! I refuse to let this ruin the trip, and we're going to carry on and head off to Oslo. Not sure what I'm going to wear, but....

Sadly this means there'll be no more photos and no more video until I get back, but we'll still be taking pictures with Jonno's phone and my broken phone, so there'll be plenty on the way. The car might be a little chilly with the broken window but it's only small, and we'll get it repaired somewhere on Monday.

You'll be glad to hear that both my pillow and William the Duck were not taken, and are safe.


  1. Hurrah for William the Duck!!!!
    Tis really a bummer sir. Perhaps the thief will have a turn of conscience and hand it into the police station.

    Have a wonderful rest of the trip.

  2. Wow that totally sucks! I'm really sorry. Love your optimism though :) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. You're right, it is just stuff .... :) Keeping that attitude is key!! However, remembering that I read once that if your house was burning down, the one thing you'd save was your laptop, I can't help but feel a little bad for you :( That really does totally suck!! Who knows though, Nina may be right!! It's not always a bad idea to check with the authorites.... I'll cross my fingers that THEY at least are not stoned off their faces, like everyone else :P

    Be safe! And stay positive, hmm?! xo