Friday, 25 September 2009


Ok, this will have to be a very short post tonight, as Jonno has passed out, and I am absolutely off my face on weiss bier...drrrrrunk......

....well, the reason is, Maria showed us round Berlin today and showed us some amazing sights. We saw the Berlin Wall (a piece of which you can see on the right), the Reichstag, and across the river.

Berlin is very different from the other German cities we've been can really see where the new buildings have been built (and they're huge, slick and pretty impressive new buildings too) but it seems to lack the charm and substance of Dresden, or somewhere like Graz (a place in Austria I love)...

Anyway, we played for over four hours tonight in the Tacheles in the heart of Berlin, and met some wonderful fingers are bleeding from playing, but it was worth it tonight because of the people we played for...

More videos up soon...we met some really nice Canadians, Americans and Germans's a video of "Let it Go" in front of Reichstag, which was built before the first World War, and you could see the bullet holes from WWII from the other side of it...

Tomorrow is's Jonno's turn to drive, hence I'm ok having had my head smashed through with a slice of lemon..wrapped round a large gold brick (if you know what I'm talking about, I probably love you with one exception...if not, bad luck....)

Anyway, here's a song I did in front of the German parliament...a stupidly long drive ahead of us tomorrow...good night....


  1. Ah, I've only just now had the chance to catch up on your blog! I am jealous.... It is so refreshing to see/read about your travels, while I have been trapped in a room for 3 days (thus far) only learning about travelling!! Still a ways to go before I can get started! Can't wait! You guys up for round 2 next year....? ;)

    Love the photos, and the stories, and especially the videos!! I want more :) Thanks for the entertainment. xoxo

  2. Looks as if you are having heaps of fun.
    Love the live performance - as ever always a treat.
    The man in the distance clad in orange made me smile when he realised you were being filmed.

  3. Thank you both! Definitely up for round 2 next year Amber.

    Nina, I've not watched back the video actually, so will look out for the orange man! :-)