Thursday, 1 October 2009


Sadly, we could only stay a few hours in Stockholm due to the need to drive an epic distance to Hamburg, so we left the same night and drove for a few hours before stopping off. Cleverly saving money, we decided to sleep in the car that night. When I woke up at 4am, the temperature had fallen to 1 degree above freezing...the inside of our car was literally colder than a fridge!

Hitting the road early it didn´t take us too long to defrost, and we were in the car for a mere nine and a half hours to reach Hamburg. There was only a brief period of road madness, with us both screaming, but a quick stop off for ice-cream restored sanity. By the way, the bridge to cross over from Sweden to Denmark, and and another in Denmark (there's no other option!) are REALLY expensive...around thirty of your earth pounds....each. We've now driven over three thousand four hundred miles since last Monday.

Anyway, the last time we were in Hamburg was last year when The Foxes played at the Indra Club, so it felt surprisingly familiar. Once again, we stayed with our friend Christina who also suggested a venue we could play at called "Freundlich & Kompetent" (Friendly and Competent), which is run by students, and is really quite a funky and relaxed place. It's about time we had a bit of luck, and we walked in JUST as another band from the U.S. who were due to play there pulled out. So we did a quick soundcheck and after that were asked to headline! Not bad for a totally random gig quest. It went really well, and after a couple of encores (the German audience were lovely) it was time to sample some items from the bar. Thanks to the staff there for taking a chance on us and letting us play, to "Autumn Fall" and especially Christina who suggested we ask there and let us stay in her new flat.

We're just off to have some lunch before heading off to Amsterdam, we'll be staying with my old school friend Rich who lives in the centre of "the red light district", whatever that is :-) Expect an interesting blog tomorrow....


  1. Ice Cream?!? Because it was warmer than the car...?! I hope you found something to ACTUALLY warm you up in Amsterdam ;) Ha.

  2. We were warm by then due to turning the car from a fridge to an oven, and fancied an ice-cream...