Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dresden, beautuful countryside and Berlin.

Today has been...brilliant.

First of all, here's the video from last night which was filmed deep inside Nuremberg castle:

We woke up to glorious sunshine in Nuremberg which followed us for the rest of the day, and headed out for a daytime explore of the city. There was a busy market, and lost of bustle, every kind of food you could imagine...but mainly sausage. We breakfasted on a rather tasty Nurnberger Rostbratwurst mit Sauerkraut, and headed out towards Dresden via a few forests....

I can honestly say, the German countryside we saw today was breathtaking...we diverted off the autobahn and drove through a couple of tiny villages which seemed to have not changed in the last hundred years! Stopped off by a rocky out croft and randomly found a load of caves to explore - bonus. Speeding off to Dresden, I realised that I'm still not used to the fact that you can cruise along the autobahn at 85mph, and EVERYONE except trucks will overtake you. We actually saw a pretty massive crash - but considering everyone is driving about 130 mph, I was surprised we didn't see more.

We were keen to visit Dresden, not least because despite it's fame in having been so heavily damaged during World War Two, we'd heard it was very pretty and the reconstructed buildings were worth seeing...and it really is. You can see big gaps in the town where clearly buildings would have been, and there were still sections where the destroyed buildings had not been replaced - but the rebuilt buildings were well made and beautiful, as were the undamaged sections like the F├╝rstenzug, though my favourite building of all was The Dresden Frauenkirch, which was almost totally destroyed during the war, and was been completely reconstructed in it is:

The car's doing well! It's an Astra, and we've not named it yet...any suggestions? A girls name please. I've also brought a mascot, William the Duck...I know.... :-)

It only took a few hours to get to Berlin from Dresden, and we're staying with the mother of Tina, from Magic Photography, who has photographed us live more times than I can remember! Tomorrow, we'll be exploring Berlin and trying to find a gig to play....failing that we're just going to play on the streets and see what happens.

I'll leave you with the video of one of my Dad's songs, "One of these Days" which we filmed at the rocky outcrop in the's actually gained a lot of special meaning for me over the last few months - enjoy!

Nigel. X

P.S. thanks to everyone who's got in touch from the mail out we sent before we left - you're all lovely.


  1. Ohhh... Love the acoustics in the castle! And I rather like that song by your Dad :) Also, I think it's time you made a video of Jonno making the face you claim messed you up (which I didn't notice, btw) - or something of the likes. Yes?! Of course :)