Saturday, 26 September 2009

From Berlin to Copenhagen

It's been a LONG day. Waking up this morning was not a pleasant experience, and we left Berlin a mere four hours later than planned...but hey, we made the plans so we can change them. Just before we left, Marie (pictured right) took us round a Turkish market close to where we were staying, one of the highlights of which was a woman serving freshly squeezed orange juice inside a big plastic orange. Thank you for being such a good host Marie - see you in London in a couple of weeks with Tina.

The drive to Copenhagen took about 8 hours, but was through some beautiful countryside, and we crossed one of the longest suspension bridges in the world to get from one island to the other in Denmark (which cost the equivalent of £30!)

The Danish language seems impossibly difficult to pronounce or understand - here is a photo of the kind of thing we're dealing with (yes, whatever this says, apparently I needed to know at a urinal!)

We've just spent the last three hours walking round Copenhagen. There are bicycles EVERYWHERE. I've never seen so many, even in Cambridge. There are cycle lanes on every single street, and hardly anyone wears a helmet. It's also an exceptionally expensive city - I never thought I'd think London prices such a bargain. Two bottles of water? Five pounds please. It's like one big festival! They use Krone here, and there are about 8 to a pound. The high prices might explain why almost everyone was drinking cans of Carlsberg in the streets! More exploring tomorrow, as we arrived at 10pm, which didn't leave us much time and we're both pretty exhausted.

I'm going to leave you with a video of Jonno and I attempting "Something About You" at around 3am last night in Berlin - big thank you to my German friend Katja for coming to watch us play for so long and for filming! It was a random choice of song, so apologies for repeating it so soon after Paris :-)

I haven't actually watched it back, so I hope it's vaguely watchable!

You can hear the original acoustic version on my myspace:


  1. I like the really pixelated double-guitar-with-back-up-vocals version!! :) How do people react when you just sit down and play? Or do you always set it up a little in advance....?!

  2. "we check our toilets frequently, but if there is something to note please contact the shop. Sincerely Lillebaelt Syd"

  3. People usually smile or stop and look...I don't tend to take much notice...

    Haha, did you type all that out in an online translator Bella?! I'm impressed!!